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A regular contributor to television and media, and the only doctor outside of the US on the prestigious Dr Oz Sharecare Panel; Dr Joseph Ajaka is one of the most recognised cosmetic surgeons in Australia. An expert in minimally invasive liposuction procedures, Dr Joseph Ajaka offers patients the most advanced body sculpting options as well as a full range of cosmetic procedures. Dr Joseph Ajaka prides himself on providing superior patient care and there are many happy patients who can share their Dr Joseph Ajaka reviews for a range of liposuction treatments including Vaser Hi Definition Liposuction, Liquid Liposuction (Note: Liquid Liposuction is no longer available and has been superseded by Vaser Liposuction) and anti wrinkle injectables.

Due to legislation changes for online testimonials we have changed the display of patient reviews. However, we understand that you may wish to still hear Dr Joseph Ajaka testimonials from patients he has treated as a cosmetic surgeon. In an industry where anonymity is a focus, we have many patients that will happily share their Cosmos Clinic reviews and Dr Joseph Ajaka reviews with you!

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