A world class event in a world class city

Dr Neal Saddick, one of the USA’s most respected dermatologists and expert in the delivery of  minimal aesthetic surgery, has invited Dr Joseph Ajaka of the Cosmos Clinic to attend and present at the 2013 World Congress on Advanced Liposculpture & Body Contouring. To be held at Time Square, New York City, this prestigious event discusses cutting edge insights into liposculpture and body contouring.

Dr Joseph Ajaka will be presenting alongside some of the biggest names on the international scene including:

  • Andrew Cawrse: is a highly sort after anatomy instructor, teaching both traditional and digital mediums. He also instructs medical and fine art professionals;
  • David Matlock, MD, MBA: Dr. Matlock is well known for his expertise in Brazilian Butt augmentation and Hi Def Liposculpturing. With 23 years of experience, Dr. Matlock has treated some of Los Angles’s most famous stars. Dr Joseph Ajaka and Dr Erfan Rahbar received first hand training from Dr Matlock at his clinic in August 2012!
  • Spencer Brown, PhD: is the Founder of Zen-Bio Inc., a biotech company known for extracting fat stem cells via liposuction. He is also the Executive Director for the Center for Innovation in Restorative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Dr Alfredo Hoyos: inventor of Vaser Assisted Hi Def Liposuction. Dr Joseph Ajaka hosted Dr Hoyos at his clinic at Cosmos Clinic Sydney in early 2013, alongside the entire Cosmos team including Dr Lee an Dr Rahbar.

Dr Ajaka will be presenting on Cervicofacial Contouring: i.e. the contouring procedures for the neck and jawline. For more information click here.



July 27, 2013

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