health tips for the busy worker

Work work work work….it can consume our lives especially for many of us who are doing quite well! While the money may be great how does one stay healthy when work is so busy. Here are some quick tips to help in staying healthy:

  1. Keep healthy foods nearby: instead of having a jar of cookies next to your computer, have a bowl of fruit!
  2. water: drinks lots of it. It helps cleanse the body and maintain the quality of your skin!
  3. Skincare with sun cream: make sure your moisturiser also protects you from the sun.
  4. smaller plates: research shows that when eating off a small plate means most people eat less…there is nothing stopping me from going for seconds you may say but most people are too busy to do so!
  5. surround your work station by nature: studies show that being outside relieves peoples stress! So try and fool yourself and you will notice a difference.
  6. Dark chocolate: just a small piece contains plenty of favnoids which helps your heart stay strong and keeps blood pressure down;
  7. eat your largest meal at breakfast: avoid overeating at dinner. You have a whole day to burn off energy from breakfast;
  8. walk: rather than sitting for your lunch break walk around the city…any exercise helps the body.

Although they may sound basic, how many of them do you actually do during a day?

October 5, 2013

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