Areas where Liposuction can be Performed

Areas where Liposuction can target are plentiful

Just about anywhere that fat exists, liposuction can be performed.

Tummy: The most common area liposuction is performed and can be performed on the upper or lower abdomen or both

Hips: Get rid of that muffin top or love handles..

Thighs: Here we can focus on the inner, outer and frontal thighs

Buttocks: Effective contouring to provide you with a shapely behind

Legs: Extending to the knees and calves as well as ankles

Breasts: For women in need of a breast reduction, and the added benefit of a ‘lift’ and for men with the dreaded “man boobs”

Arms: No more bat wings, liposuction here focuses on the hanging fat between the shoulder and elbow

Neck/Chin: Dubbed the swan lift, turkey necks and double chins can be rid of quick in/out procedure

Back: Focusing on the upper and/or lower back.