Legs Liposuction

Legs Liposuction can get you the perfect pins you always wanted

Legs Liposuction is focused on three areas: Knees, Calves and Ankles. Whether on its own, in combination or even complementing Thigh Liposuction, Leg liposuction can help sculpt your legs and result in leaner legs.

Fat on legs is generally genetically predetermined and can be resistant to diet and exercise.

“My knees are sooo chubby. You can squeeze them like a baby’s bottom!”



Knee Liposuction

Fatty deposits around the knee are common in women, and can distort the shape of the knee. Knee Liposuction can provide more contour and definition to the knee

Calf Liposuction

 Helps to remove the thick and unattractive fat found around the calves. Your surgeon will need to determine whether you are applicable for calf liposuction as alot of muscle exists around this area.

Ankle Liposuction

 There is generally not too much fat stores here. Results are subtle, however beneficial and when combined with calf liposuction, can provide great curves and contour to your legs.

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It is important to note that excessive liposuction on the legs can provide negative results on appearance. It is important to keep some fat. If not, it can result in irregularities should weight be put on later.