Arms Liposuction

Banish those bat wings with Arm Liposuction

Remove unwanted fat from your arms and wear sleeveless outfits with confidence….

Liposuction on the arms is a popular treatment option to remove unwanted fat without unsightly scarring. Women are more prone to develop fatty deposits under their arms, dubbed Bingo Wings, but this area is also a concern for some men. Excess fat in this area creates a heavy, bulging and bulky appearance. Arm Liposuction can help to improve disproportionate arms, helping you feel better in sleeveless tops and resting positions.

“I hated that in Summer I never felt like I could wear short sleeved or singlet tops. The fat was literally hanging from under me”


Contouring of the arms can have a huge impact on the silhouette of a person. Thinner arms give the appearance of a thinner body.

Am I a good candidate for Arm Liposuction?

It is important to remember that Liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise. It is to assist in removing those stubborn areas of fat that just won’t budge. Arms liposuction is good for people who are generally healthy, eat well and do some form of exercise frequently. It is good for people who have that bulkiness in their arm that feel a reduction in this will make them feel less self-conscious and feel more content with themselves. Arms Liposuction can enhance the appearance of your arms, however it may not create your “perfect” body image.

I am a bit older and my arms aren’t only fat, but saggy also. Will liposuction help?

Yes! With the proliferation of the laser industry, a new technique called Laser Liposuction is available that both removes fat and tightens the skin. After the fat is removed via liquid liposuction, a thin, fibre cable is inserted in the same incision points made for liposuction, which heats up the collagen, stimulating new collagen formation, and healthier collagen longevity. This then retracts and tightens the skin. Results are instantaneous and continue to get better for 3 months.


The Cost of Liposuction depends on a number of factors. Initial consultation is $120 at our clinic, however is redeemable should you go through with the procedure or any treatment at our clinic. Prices for Arms Liposuction start from $4,400.


We at our clinic, use a gentle procedure called Liquid Liposuction. Liquid Liposuction is far more advanced than other liposuction techniques. Only twilight sedation is used meaning it is a day procedure, and you get to go home a few hours after your procedure and resume normal activities. Given only twilight sedation is used and far less anaesthetic is used, there is reduced swelling during the procedure so the surgeon does not get a warped view of the treatment area. The surgeon is also able to stand you up after the treatment to see the work they have done, and fix then, if required. A compression garment is required to be worn which helps with any bruising or swelling that may occur. Recovery from arm liposuction is generally taken very well, with people back at work in a day or two

Results: What to expect

It is very important to have realistic expectations with your results. This should be discussed prior to your procedure with your surgeon. Arms Liposuction can provide drastic changes to the appearance of your arms however may not completely change your appearance. Arms Liposuction achieves the highest level of patient satisfaction.  Scarring is minimal, and for a relatively simple procedure, the results are well worth it.