Liquid Liposuction

Liquid Liposuction is a popular technique to gently remove unwanted areas of fat.

What is Liquid Liposuction / Liposoft?

Liquid Liposuction also known as Liposoft, is one of the most popular body contouring techniques as it allows the surgeons to selectively shape specific areas of the body by removing unwanted pockets of fat. Liquid Liposuction is a gentle and accurate liposuction method allowing for streamlined patient results and a quick recovery time.

Liposuction Tummy Before After

How does Liposoft work?

Liquid Liposuction Liposoft is a gentle way of shaping the body using the power of water to separate fat cells. It allows us to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat that no matter how much you watch your diet or how many times you go to the gym you still cannot shift it. Liquid Liposuction is gentle and a very popular liposuction technique for fat removal delivering smooth results.

Through tiny incision sites a water jet containing local anaesthetic is sprayed out of the cannula at a high pressure breaking up the fat cells before they are sucked out of the treatment zone. The Liposoft (Liquid Liposuction) technique removes the fat much easier than with traditional liposuction. This means less bruising, swelling and pain for the patient. The procedure is a day case procedure performed under mild sedation, so is much safer than procedures where general anaesthetic is used and patients are able to stand up during the procedure to enable us to sculpt you accurately.  The procedure is gentle, very safe with minimal downtime and scarring. Most of our patients are back to work within 1-3 days.

What is the cost?

The cost of Liposoft can vary widely depending on your overall situation and expectations. At our clinic we offer all methods of Liposuction with pricing starting from $2,200 for one area. Liposuction procedures will always start from a base price and adding additional areas costs between $550 to $1,100 depending on the size of the area. Please note that “one area”  for example is both outer thighs or both inner thighs.

Liposuction Tummy Before After

Is Liquid Liposuction for me?

To get a better understanding of whether Liposoft is the best method of liposuction for you we recommend a consultation.  The cost of your consultation is $120-$150 however this is fully refundable when you proceed with any treatment.

Note: Liquid Liposuction is no longer available and has been superseded by Vaser Liposuction.