Bodytite uses radio frequency to melt fat cells and tighten skin…

What is Bodytite Liposuction?

At Liposuction Sydney, Bodytite for fat removal is an advanced technology that uses radio frequency to remove fat cells as well as has the added benefit of tightening the skin. It provides dramatic improvements to the skin, enhancing its tone and texture.

How does Bodytite Skin Tightening work?

Bodytite Liposuction uses radio frequency energy to melt and remove fat through a tiny incision. Pre-melting of the fat assists in lower trauma to the body therefore reducing post-procedure pain, swelling or bruising. The heating of soft tissue stimulates new collagen, and helps in skin tightening.

The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed under a light sedation. A tiny incision is used to allow an electrode to enter the skin. The electrode has a suction canula attached to it. It is alikined to creating a sandwich between the skin. Once this electrode is  put underneath the skin , it generates heat and simultaneously sucks out the fat. The temperature is continually monitored to allow for the greatest amount of temperature so optimal skin retraction occurs with minimal risk of burning. Fat is removed and results can be seen instantaneously. Skin tightening effects will continue to be reaped for a few months after the procedure.

Is Bodytite Laser Skin Tightening for me?

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