Can I get a Brazilian Butt Lift if I’m overweight?

Can I get a Brazilian Butt Lift if I'm overweight?

Brazilian butt lift is a plastic surgery, which is performed to increase the size and give volume to the buttocks with the help of biological material (fat from the human body). Adipose tissue is suitable for transplantation, taken from the places of its greatest accumulation – the abdomen, hips, etc. Lipofilling is a surgical intervention to increase or correct the gluteal region by transplanting your belly fat, for example. BBL is considered a safer procedure than buttock augmentation with special implants. It has many advantages that have made butt lift not only in Sydney but worldwide.

Indications for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

  • pronounced, noticeable asymmetry of the buttocks;
  • the acquisition by the buttocks of an ugly form as a consequence of age-related changes, sudden weight loss (or weight gain), as well as after injuries and operations;
  • ptosis of soft tissues, sinking in the middle part;
  • the presence of congenital or acquired retracted scars, scars that do not look aesthetically pleasing;
  • as a complex supplement after plastic surgery for pumping fat – liposuction;
  • to form a balanced, attractive figure.

Contraindications for BBL surgery include:

  • diseases and pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • there is a violation of natural metabolism;
  • the period of bearing a child, as well as breastfeeding;
  • patients who take vasoconstrictor and vasodilator drugs;
  • people who suffer from infectious diseases, as well as chronic deterioration of the immune system;
  • cancers at any stage (including after a course of chemotherapy);
  • diabetes;
  • patients who suffer from hepatitis, as well as HIV / AIDS;
  • people with mental disorders.

As we can see from this list, overweight does not belong to contraindications for the BBL surgery.

How many procedures are needed?

Often you have to carry out more than one brazilian butt lift procedure to get the desired result. In practice, 2-3 operations are required, because fat can migrate, and only 30 percent of adipose tissue takes root. This phenomenon is because during the collection of material (adipose tissue), lipid cells are destroyed (due to broken intercellular connections) and fat “spreads” and is naturally excreted by the body.

Can I get a BBL if I’m overweight?

Yes, you can! However, you should note that the more excess weight you have, the more unpredictable the brazil butt lift results will be. Besides, overweight people can face a much more difficult rehabilitation period. The first brazil butt lift results will be noticeable immediately after surgery. Overweight people will also be able to see the result of the surgery immediately! But they will be able to enjoy the final BBL result a little later than patients with standard indicators of body weight. After the operation, the patient will have to remain in the hospital for at least another 48 hours. Overweight people should also prepare for complications after brazilian butt lift surgery. It will take about a month to recover the body after BBL. The more you are overweight, the more time will be required for rehabilitation, the later brazil butt lift results will occur. Special compression underwear is imperative. It helps maintain deformed soft tissue in a proper and well-fixed position. Besides, this type of laundry provides a gentle massage to the operated areas, which speeds up their regeneration. The minimum wearing period is 14 days.

The Preparation Stage as the Most Important Before the BBL Surgery

First of all, before the procedure, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination in the hospital, which will help to identify problems in the body, as well as identify possible risk factors and complications that have arisen. Additionally, it is recommended to consult with an anesthetist who will help you choose the right type of anesthesia according to your BMI. How long does the result last after the brazilian butt lift? The effectiveness of this method of lifting can be observed for several years after surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Australia: How Much Does it Cost?

brazilian butt lift sydney

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a popular cosmetic procedure used to augment the shape and size of the buttocks without artificial implants. Plastic surgeons remove excess fat from the abdomen, lower back, hips, or thighs with liposuction, and transfer some of it into the buttocks. In other words, they take away fat from body parts where you do not need it and use it to enhance your bum.

Many cosmetic clinics in Australia can improve your body proportions with Brazilian butt lift surgery. It will not only make the buttocks look significantly better, but also reduce fat in common problem areas. The results of the procedure are permanent so you will only have to do it once. The recovery time is only two weeks, which is not a long time giving all the advantages of a BBL.

If you are not satisfied with the looks of your buttocks, doing a Brazilian butt lift is the perfect solution for you. However, the procedure is rather costly, so you have to make sure you can afford it. We have compared prices offered by the clinics in major cities of Australia and found out what is the average cost of a BBL.

Biggest Cosmetic Trends: The Brazilian Butt Lift

Why You Should Do a Brazilian Butt Lift?

In contrast to other types of buttock surgery (such as silicone implants), a BBL provides a perfectly natural result. It also helps to eliminate the negative effects of aging such as the sagging and formlessness. Besides making the buttocks bigger, the procedure reduces the look of cellulite and creates a lifted appearance. No wonder it is extremely popular among celebrities from all over the world, including Kim Kardashian, Virginia Gallardo, Amber Rose and dozens of other actresses and singers.

After a BBL, you will get:

  • An attractive figure;
  • Improved curves of the lower body;
  • Beautiful round buttocks.

Another advantage of a BBL over traditional implants is increased safety. Thanks to the use of the own fat of a patient, the body is not exposed to artificial substances. As soon as the recovery process is complete, you will not have to worry about the displacement or rupture of implants. Your body will be completely healed in only two weeks and you will not ever need to repeat the procedure. This makes a Brazilian butt lift a much safer procedure in comparison to other types of buttocks enhancing plastic surgeries.

High customizability is among the other positive sides of fat injections. You can get any desired outcome with a BBL. Silicone implants are very limited in dimensions and sizes. At the same time, you can achieve any shape and volume of the buttocks with fat injections. Final Brazilian butt lift results are usually visible half a year after the completion of the procedure. As soon as transferred fat integrates with the original fat in your derriere, you will get the exact looks you have dreamed about.

How It Works?

Just like any other procedure, a BBL includes the preparatory phase. Your surgeon will contour the area through liposuction. Thanks to it, you will get the so-called dream figure: the bum will begin narrower at the waistline and grow wider below the hips. Then, fat from the problem areas of your body will be gathered. Usually, surgeons conduct liposuction of the stomach, thighs, or waist. This provides the extra advantage of removing excess fat to make you look slimmer.

As soon as your surgeon harvests enough fat, it will be purified and prepared to transfer. Then, it will be injected into specific points on your buttocks to enhance shape and increase volume. The procedure is executed with multiple injections that will not be visible after the healing process is over. You will be able to start working within a week. The most swelling will be over in two or three weeks.

Rates Brazilian Butt Lift in Sydney

brazilian butt lift sydney

The procedure is offered in dozens of Sydney clinics. The cost varies depending on the number of liposuctions that must be conducted during the procedure. The lowest price we could find is $6,000. The prices for an all-inclusive Brazilian butt lift procedure go as high as $12,000 or even higher. On average, you will need to pay around $9,500 for a BBL in Sydney.

Rates Brazilian Butt Lift in Melbourne

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The minimum Brazilian butt lift cost in Melbourne is $9,000. The price usually includes all the supplementary procedures. The most expensive clinics require at least $12,500 for a BBL. Generally, you will need around $10,500 to make the procedure in this town.

Rates Brazilian Butt Lift in Brisbane

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There are many plastic surgery clinics in Brisbane where you can make a BBL. The average price of the procedure is $12,500 (all-inclusive). The most affordable options start from $9,500. However, the price can go as high as $15,000 for a BBL in luxurious clinics.

Rates Brazilian Butt Lift in Perth

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There are plenty of places that offer a Brazilian butt lift in Perth. The cheapest price we could find is $7,700. As to the maximum sum, it can reach up to $14,000. On average, the total cost of a BBL is about $11,000 in Perth. This price includes all anesthesia costs, follow up massages, and other supplementary procedures.

Rates Brazilian Butt Lift in Adelaide

brazilian butt lift adelaide

Brazilian butt lift is a common procedure offered by many plastic surgeons in Adelaide. On average, you will have to pay around $10,500 for a BBL in this town. Some of the most affordable options start at $7,000 here. Luxurious clinics might charge you with $13,000 or even more.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Australia average price

Overall, the cost of the procedure is around $11,000 in Australia. Sydney has the most plastic surgery clinics so you can find the cheapest options there for as low as $6,000. At the same time, Brisbane turned out to be the most expensive city to make a Brazilian butt lift — you will need to pay at least $9,500 to make the procedure.

No matter in which city you are going to make a BBL, make sure that your plastic surgeon is qualified enough before going under the knife. If the doctor has many positive customer reviews, there should not be any problems.